Conspiracy Worldwide Radio’s Friday Night Live Show feat R.A. The Rugged Man, Deacon The Villain (Cunninlynguists), Matty C, Schott Free & more!

Guests include R.A The Rugged Man, Deacon The Villain, Blueprint, Open Mic Eagle, Matteo “Matty C” Capoluongo (Founder of The Source Magazine’s “Unsigned Hype” column and former A&R at Loud Records) and Schott “Free” Jacobs (former Sr VP of A&R at Loud Records).

Listen for the chance to win yourself a pair of tickets to see EPMD at Gorilla in Manchester Saturday 5th April.

For a summary of each interview, go to http://www.conspiracyblog.net

Mista Montana being Interview on Saudi Arabia’s First and ONLY national Hip Hop Show.

Strange Sounds Heard In The Sky All Around The World - a scary prospect or simply a natural phenomenon?

*NAUGHTY NAUGHTY* - London’s Jazz FM in Porn Broadcast Probe

Media regulator Ofcom has confirmed it is investigating the broadcast of a pornographic soundtrack on digital radio station Jazz FM last month.

The noises were aired during the Funky Sensation show on Saturday 18th February at around 7.15pm.

The station apologised to listeners for the ‘unauthorised’ interception of its output and broadcast an apology on the following week’s edition of the programme.

It’s understood Ofcom has received 3 complaints about the matter, and will now investigate whether there have been any breaches of its Broadcast Code.

One angry listener commented “Jazz FM? More like bloody JIZZ FM”

Here is the said audio from the broadcast http://radiofail.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/studio-porn-fail/

You have to feel sorry for the bored DJ who forgot to close the studio PC’s audio channel to “OFF AIR”

The real threat to our society isn’t the disobedient - its the mindlessly, blind, unquestioning obedient people - they’re the real problem

"Conspiracy Radio is a prototype that people should follow - you guys set an example" says Chuck D in Part 2 of this recent video interview - amazing feeling

Conspiracy Worldwide Radio aboard Public Enemy’s tour bus

Jeff Young - BBC Radio 1 “Big Beat Show” - 28/12/90 (last ever show) - *The reason I started doing radio*

Forget the leather jacket and sexually guilty expression, in 1990 Jeff Young began one of the only national hip hop radio shows on BBC Radio 1 and premiered some of the finest music our genre has ever heard.

Noted in my Biography, as a primary school child who had been thus far exposed to people like Bruno Brookes, Simon Mayo and the pop music they used as their soundtrack, when I heard this man’s first radio show I remember sitting starring at the Hitachi for the entire duration of the broadcast. From there his hourly show became a religious observance with TDK after TDK being filled each Friday and within weeks of my realisation of the massive span of hip hop, I had started my own version of his show, made on a high speed dubbing deck and internal microphone, using the very tracks he was playing on his show each week.

I intend to one day upload some of my first ever radio shows at the tender age of 9 years of age but until I body myself like that, here is Jeff Young’s last ever National Fresh radio show in it’s almost 60 minute entirety, complete with the the best hip hop track chart rundown of 1990 including King Bee, Hijack, NWA, ATCQ and more.